The East Midlands Policing Academic Collaboration (EMPAC) combines the best of academic expertise and professional policing insight in a dynamic and exciting multilateral partnership that has a tangible impact on policing in the East Midlands and beyond.

EMPAC is about collaborative working between policing and university researchers, focussing on co-defined real world policing problems. EMPAC is committed to driving innovation and sharing knowledge across all policing levels, using assorted mediums.

EMPAC is comprised of five police forces, Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) and eight universities in the region, coordinated via the East Midlands Police and Crime Research and Development Plan.  EMPAC aims to bring the best ideas and insights available and apply these in professional policing practice – ‘global to local’ – using the region as a social laboratory for innovation. EMPAC’s function is based on three main objectives:

  1. To embed or accelerate understanding of crime and policing issues, and research-informed problem-solving approaches.
  2. To demonstrate innovation in building the research evidence base and applying it through knowledge exchange and translation across all levels of policing; and
  3. Inform changes in professional policing policy and practice through the application of a research-driven evidence base.