Understanding Demand Roundtable 6th June 2018

As part of the East Midlands Police and Crime Research and Development Plan work http://www.empac.org.uk/east-midlands-police-crime-research-development/, Lincolnshire Police Superintendent Mark Housley, is hosting a roundtable on Understanding Demand on 6th June 2018 at Lincolnshire Police HQ. This is an important topic for the Police and one where there is rigorous inspection by HIMCFRS. It’s vital policing gets this area as good as it can be; and drawing on all forms of insight and expertise to innovate and improve professional practice is what EMPAC is all about!


Have a look at the proposed content – it’s a roundtable so it’s all about the key questions that are being proposed  so we can ‘problematise’ together – and if you’re interested in this topic and think you can help get in touch for a free place with Mark at mark.housley@lincs.pnn.police.uk.


Demand, capability, capacity – how we understand, manage and predict: a roundtable .

The Questions:

How do we begin to understand the demand being placed on the police service?

What are the drivers and how are these linked to PESTELO?

Has the role of policing grown whilst other services have withdrawn service provision? How do we test and evidence change?

In understanding demand historically are we able to use what we know to predict future demand, taking into account our understanding of PESTELO. Do we believe this knowledge will allow us to better plan to ensure we have the capacity and capability to deliver in the future?

Key areas for consideration:

⦁ Failure Demand – Hidden Demand – Protective and Preventative Demand – Administrative Demand – Public Perception and Expectations – Risk Adverse Cultures – Hierarchical Culture
⦁ Productivity – The role of Policing


To put the roundtable in operational context, this is the current draft Vision for the Lincolnshire Police Demand Programme:-

Everything we do, our planning, our funding, how we model our resources, our training and support mechanisms, should all be predicated on current and future demand. Our Vision is to enable, through improve resource management, the force to deliver the PCC and Force Policing Plan – Distinctively Lincolnshire.

We will understand the drivers and causes of Demand. This will include the impact of socio-economic and demographic factors; we will better understand how partner and public behaviour influences the demand on police and how other variants such as Technology, Societal, Environmental, Economic and Legal issues causes change in demand.

We will better understand, challenge and change, Internal and failure demand. We will identify waste created by unnecessary bureaucracy, poor process, poor leadership and damaging cultural issues.

With our new understanding of demand we will be better placed to challenge our capacity and capability, we will understand how our policing model works. We will be able to challenge how and who we recruit; whether our training is fit for purpose, what skills we have in the organisation and whether they are fit for purpose, now and in the future.

We will deliver transformational change, informed by our improved understanding of demand. We will remove wasteful process; we will manage our partners and public more effectively; we will challenge how we work across systems, and working with key internal partners, we will deliver service that excels.


Come to the roundtable and help shape best practice in policing for the East Midlands region and beyond!