Operational Policing

The Operational Policing Network is led by Nick Howe of the University of Derby and Superintendent Dave Lawson of EMOpSS.

This network is researching topics related to operational policing. Specific areas of focus is approached to traffic policing, surveillance technology and policing roles in rural locations.

Academic research lead: Nick Howe
Policing research lead: Superintendent Dave Lawson

Demand Management

This project, with Derbyshire Constabulary, seeks to explore sources of demand and where demand may be rising, clarify why. The research involves scoping the complexity of demand and how research findings are received within the operational organisational culture.


Assessment of surveillance technology in investigation and detection

This project evaluates the use of body worn video in Nottinghamshire Police, in particular exploring officer perceptions of its use.

The research seeks to assess whether the initial intended organisational outcomes of bodyworn video have in reality been realised.


Evaluation of rural policing

This project, working with the Police and Crime Commissioner of Derbyshire, seeks to understand the impact of previous wildlife crime initiatives and any implications for rural policing in general.

The research will explore modelling and directed patrol in rural crime reduction.