Digital Evidence Survey


The aim of the Digital Evidence Survey is to provide a more sophisticated understanding of the way that digital materials are handled and used across the East Midlands. By providing this detailed picture, EMPAC can support more efficient and effective working across the five forces in the region.

Different ways of working across the region means that training, skills, confidence and competence of officers and staff working with digital material is not consistent and has not been benchmarked or assessed. This piece of research aims to provide a benchmark and help decision-makers to meet the needs of their work force.

Research questions

This research aims include:

  • How could the use of digital materials in investigation be improved?
  • How easy, efficient and effective are the current systems for case submission?
  • Are there any issues when showing digital material during interview or at court?
  • How could any issues, barriers, skills, or confidence gaps that are identified be addressed?


The survey was designed in partnership with Norhtamptonshire Police, who led on the project on behalf of the region. The draft survey was shared with the other forces in the region and the refined based on the comments received.

The survey went live for a trial period in Northamptonshire for four days, before being rolled out across the who region for almost two months. During this period regular reminders were sent out by the forces in order to maximise participation in the survey.

Timeline of activity

  • June/July 2016 – Design survey in partnership with Northamptonshire Police
  • July – September 2016 – Survey completion by officers and staff across East Midlands
  • September 2016 – Data analysis
  • October 2016 – Report writing
  • 21 October 2016 – Report delivered to East Midlands police forces
  • November 2016 – Workshop with police delegates to discuss findings and improvements