Cybersecurity Segmentation Analysis and Psychometric Factors


This research uses an online version of the segmentation analysis questionnaire currently being developed by a team from the Home Office. The segmentation questionnaire presents an effective mechanism for placing individuals into key categories related to perceived susceptibility to threats from cybercrime and associated awareness of cybersecurity. To date, there is very little empirical research evidence to link these segments to associated differences in key psychometric variables, which this research intends to bridge.

Research questions

  • Can psychometric variables accurately predict the segments in which an individual will be placed according to their susceptibility to cybercrime?
  • How can this information be used to informed communications packages and skills training provided by central government services and wider fraud prevention agencies.


The research uses an online questionnaire that is being distributed to a University student cohort in the first instance to establish base-level measurements.

Timeline of activity 

September 2016 – April 2016: Data collection and data collation using Undergraduate students

April 2016 – June 2016: Data Analysis.

June 2016 – October 2016: Report writing and dissemination of key results.

Proposed that a second stage to this research could be opened up to a wider range of the population to provide a more representative sample of the population.