Exploring the link between attitudes towards Cybersecurity in an SME context and Risky Online Behaviours


The research aims to explore the key elements of ‘risky behaviours’ which contribute to online cybersecurity alongside a further exploration of the attitudes individuals have towards cybersecurity in general. This particular survey is targeted at SMEs with the Leicestershire region and went live in January 2016.

Research questions 

  • Is there a link between higher levels of risky behaviours and a poorer attitude toward cybersecurity within an SME environment?
  • Is there a distinct difference between the types of risky behaviours being engaged in and the level at which the individual is placed within the company?
  • Are their regional differences in attitudes towards cybersecurity? Are there also differences according to the age of respondents, gender and the size of the SME for which they are working?


The research uses an online questionnaire that is being distributed to local SMEs with the Leicestershire area. In the first stage the attitude scale will be piloted and then data will be analysed to create a more robust scales in terms of internal validity.

Timeline of activity 

January 2016 – April 2016: Initial Data collection to provide basis for internal validity check and exploration of initial trends – Click here to take the Cybercrime in Business online survey

April 2016- September 2016: Second stage data collection using refined scale.

September 2016-December 2016: Final analysis and production of report/journal article outlining the main findings from the data collection.