Research Roundup: a one minute briefing

Here is the latest for November 2020

  • Dr Dan Sage, Dr Chris Zebrowski and Nina Jorden (Loughborough University) are leading on UK Cabinet Office supported research on Enhancing the use of Resilience Direct in the Covid-19 response: a comparative analysis of Local Resilience Forums.
  • Kate Hemstock (Derbyshire Constabulary) has shared views on the police – ‘service of first and last resort’,  with thanks to Stronger, the Alarm Journal (October 2020).
  • Loughborough University have begun research on the absence of crime, exploring why low crime areas are low, using epidemiological principles.
  • EMPAC welcomes four new Senior Research Fellows: – Professor Robert Smith (with a specialism in criminal entrepreneurialism);  Professor Rob McCusker (with a specialism in analysing transnational serious organised crime); Dr Emma Williams (with specialisms in understanding vulnerabilities and professionaling policing); and Dave Hill (with a specialism in organisational development).
  • Loughborough University are growing their focus on policing innovation and enterprise by pulling together experts from various academic disciplines. Loughborough have been an innovation leader for many years working with the Ministry of Defence and industry names like Rolls Royce, and are expanding their skills now more into policing. Funding bids are now being scoped; for more information contact Professor Michael Henshaw at :-
  • The University of Leicester won Economic & Social Research Council (ESRC) funding to tackle knife crime and reduce violence. Led by Associate Professor Matt Hopkins, Dr Claire Davis and Dr Keith Floyd, a Violence Reduction Network has been established involving representatives from all the region’s forces.
  • Associate Professor Loretta Trickett, of Nottingham Trent University, has ongoing research about improving police handling of hate crime through more targeted risk assessing; and is also scoping research about race hate tensions  within communities.
  • Assistant Professor Karen Lumsden of the University of Nottingham has won funding from a Leverhulme Trust and the British Academy to conduct qualitative interviews with front-line police officers who have experience of breaking bad news to relatives of the deceased. The researchers are seeking to conduct 45 qualitative interviews (online via audio video conferencing or telephone) with front-line officers (such as those in roads policing, investigation, and family liaison officers), who have experience of working with the bereaved. If you would like to get involved and take part in an on-line / telephone interview, at a time to suit you, please get in touch with Dr Karen Lumsden at:-
  • Dr Ben Brewster, of the University of Nottingham’s Rights Lab, is working with Detective Inspector Steve Roberts to scope a new regional problem profile to tackle modern slavery and human trafficking. This issue was identified at a regional level as a core vulnerability concern and now stakeholders are being canvassed and research funding sought. The scoping includes working with other national experts, such as Dr Craig Paterson from Sheffield Hallam University, given the transnational nature of the crime.
  • EMPAC are exploring a cutting-edge agile data analysis tool called Netgraph that could really change the way data informs improved policing decision-making. Piloting is underway in Derby – watch this space!