Working together on serious organised crime

Serious Organised Crime (SOC) costs the UK at least £37 billion annually. In the East Midlands region, the East Midlands Special Operations Unit (EMSOU) is working closely with all relevant academic departments within De Montfort University (DMU) to deliver against the national Serious Organised Crime Strategy and to get us, as a region, ahead of the game.

The huge benefit of working together is that we can bring together the professional experience from law enforcement with a diverse set of academic disciplines, offering fresh insight and innovation for how SOC is tackled. This is about not only better protecting victims and bring offenders to justice, but is also about looking to the future, and for the first time to take the initiative away from entrepreneurial criminals.

EMSOU has collated six key aspects that are of particular relevant to the East Midlands region:-

  • linking national and international crime groups
  • the use of digital technologies to recruit, participate in crime, and enable the proceeds of crime, including money laundering
  • understanding emergent business markets and models of organised crime groups (OCGs)
  • how to better evaluate the effectiveness of prevention, disruption and counter measures
  • how to prevent individuals and communities becoming vulnerable to OCG recruitment or targeting
  • how to enable a more agile law enforcement mindset to counter the entrepreneurial nature of SOC.

Whilst DMU are leading this venture academically, they are, as part of EMPAC, also open to working with all the other regional universities and their collective expertise, to further strengthen the width and depth of knowledge. It’s all about getting the best ideas and using them in the East Midlands to improve policing.

There are ongoing events to advance high impact research to proactively address SOC, so academic researchers and practitioners who have something to offer are encouraged to contribute to this important workstream.

See the latest reports here:-

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