EXPERT: Dr Karen Lumsden

Institution: Loughborough University  Faculty/department: Department of Social Sciences   Specialist area(s) of research: Victims, witnesses and public protection, anti-social behaviour, youth driving behaviours (including boy racers and illegal street racing), youth crime, social media, cyber-crime, online harassment, body worn cameras, frontline responses to domestic violence, evidence-based policing, and police-academic partnerships.…

EXPERT: Dr. Dave Walsh

Institution: University of Derby  Faculty/department: Law and Criminology/International Policing and Justice Institute   Specialist area(s) of research: Investigative interviewing of victims, witnesses and suspects Investigation of Modern Slavery     Link(s) to research relevant to policing/public safety: Self-evident from above   Email address: d.walsh@derby.ac.uk    Telephone: 01332 591443