Research Roundup: a one minute briefing

Here is the latest for August 2022

East Midland runner up in the National Innovation in Policing competition

Loughborough University engineering student William Butler has designed a new style of lightweight body armour vest and his idea has received national recognition, with him winning second place in the annual Innovation in Policing competition.

William used ANSYS Explicit Dynamics non-linear solver to simulate tests to develop ballistic protection via a ceramic armour plate technology using interlocking hexagonal plates. The new vest protects its wearer by 67% area coverage more than previous models.  

The Innovation competition winners this year were a team from South and West Yorkshire Police, offering ideas about the use of Smartwater to tackle domestic abuse. 

The national event is now open for new entries – well done to William and here’s to a future EM region winner!

Open research call 

Researcher Georgina Mclocklin of Nottingham Trent University is asking police professionals to share their opinions and/or experiences on responding to crimes involving the non-consensual sharing of sexual / nude images.

The open call is for participants to give their insights and will involve approximately an hour long online interview. You can get  in touch with Georgina direct at :-

EMPAC’s current commissioned research

Professor John Coxhead (who has affiliations at Loughborough University in policing innovation and learning, and the University of Keele, in professional interdisciplinarity) is working on several nationally commissioned projects currently:

  • How to encourage applicants into policing (NPCC)
  • Role of the community in policing learning and development (NPCC / College of Policing / National Uplift)
  • Evaluating Serious Organised Crime (SOC) Interventions (Home Office)
  • Desistance and lifetime offender management (Home Office / MARSOC)
  • SWaN (keeping women and girls safe at night) (with Professor Loretta Trickett of Nottingham Trent University)  (Home Office) 

His most recent publication is July 2022, concerning heutagogical learning strategies and how this can enable continual professional development (CPD)  in policing.