Update on violence reduction research

The University of Leicester were able to secure research funding from the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) to establish a Violence Reduction Information Network (VRIN) to support East Midlands police services and beyond.

The academic team at VRIN comprises Associate Professor Matt Hopkins, Dr Claire Davis and Dr Keith Floyd, supported by the administrative skills of Laura Nevay, They are, in turn, working with operational representatives of the five East Midlands forces, to explore ways of improving the policing of violence.

The aims of VRIN are to:

  1. Develop a network for knowledge exchange
  2. Disseminate good practice in order to influence policy and practice. This will be facilitated through a VRIN webpage
  3. Become a repository of good practice in violence reduction accessible to practitioners
  4. Map current interventions used nationally and internationally to reduce weapons related violence and to ascertain ‘what works’
  5. Map data sources and assess the feasibility of building composite datasets regionally using data from a range of agencies
  6. Design and conduct future research that meets the needs of practitioners and is easily transferable into practice, making a positive impact
  7. Ensure the sustainability of the partnership beyond the initial funding period
  8. Provide opportunities for post graduate researchers in violence reduction
  9. Evaluate interventions
  10. Organise a project conference at the end of year one

New Report

The VRIN have collated an overview of current regional activity and interventions. This is a first important step in clarifying is who is doing what and what works best to share best practice using the available evidence.

The report can be viewed here:-

VRIN Mapping Interventions Briefing Paper

To know more about VRIN activities or have any queries or suggestions, please direct them in the first instance to Dr Keith Floyd by email to kf154@le.ac.uk.

Ongoing updates on the work of the VRIN can be found in the October newsletter (Issue 6) here:-


…and at the University of Leicester website: https://le.ac.uk/criminology/research/violence-reduction-information-network